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London 2012 Festival marks its final week with a series of spectacular community-wide events across the UK

Thames Festival: Homage to Rio is a day of events celebrating Rio de Janeiro´s music and culture, on the weekend of the Paralympic Games handover. These include two performances of Amas by Shademakers; a Rio-style carnival float co-designed by Rio Carnival designer Renato Lage and leading Uk designer Paul Mc Laren; performances by Samba and Mas Bands who have all been working with Rio carnival artists over the summer and sets from Brazilian DJs at a chill-out bar in the Sunken Garden.

London2012 (03.September 2012)

Amas by Shademakers marks Olympics handover at Thames Festival

Amas by Shademakers performed at 4 & 8 pm on September 9, 2012 in London as part of an amazing day of spectacle to mark the Olympics handover from London to Rio.

Co-designed by Rio Carnival designer Renato Lage and leading UK designer Paul Mc Laren, performers and artists from Rio and the UK have teamed up to construct and bring to life a presentation of a Rio-style float, the biggest the UK has ever seen.

It is the largest and most spectacular Carnival commission ever seen in the UK (about 12.5m high) which reveals itself in a 20 minute show that ends in a tableau of British cultural icons on a giant record cover sleeve, a living wall of 37 costumed performers, and additional costume pieces, inspired by the large floats of Rio de Janeiro.

And, throughout the day, there are performances by Samba and Mas Bands who have all been working with Rio carnival artists to present a true Homage to Rio, with further Carnival performances and Braziolian DJ vibes by chill-out bar in the Sunken Garden.

Amas at the Thames Festival will be a performance piece packed with colorful performers in large costumes, including two enormous black and white swans and additional costumes pieces on the stage, as Amas reveals to its full extent with leading Samba and Soca dancers performing a succession of choreographed dance pieces, in Homage to Rio.

citizenside (09.September 2012)

Rio-London Carnival

The Rio-London Carnvial collaboration will mix top Carnival artists from Brail and the UK to create the most inclusive and extraordinary spectacle of music, dance, floats and costume.

Leading artists from Rio, including musicians from the iconic arts centre at the core of Street Carnvial in Rio, Fundicao Progresso, and top disability samab school Embaixadores de Alegria will join forces to create a Rio inspired welcome to the Olympic torch. They will work with London based Carnvial groups London School of Samba, Paraiso and Tropical Isles and Rio samba groups Monobloco and Sargento Pimienta as well as a mega carnival float co-designed by leading UK designer Paul Mc Laren and award winning Brazil carnivalesco Renato Lage.

www.festival.london2012.com  (21. June. 2012)

NRW zeigt sich vielfältig und farbenfroh

Mitglieder der Theatergruppe Shademakers vor dem Neuen Palais, heute Hochschule für Musik.

Lippische Landes-Zeitung (Ausgabe: Montag, 29. Mai 2012) PDF